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5 Things Every Athlete Needs To Have In His Training Bag!

If you’re a coach, or an upcoming athlete, or the parents of a budding athlete, you must know what items are essential to consistent training and performance. There are some things that are extremely essential for all the athletes out there!

Foam Roller

Save the money you’d spend on a spa or a massage after an exhausting game day, instead get yourself a Foam Roller. A Foam Roller helps release the tightness in the muscles and also helps lengthen the muscles.


Even the most expensive of your sports shoes may not give you the most comfortable experience during your game days. For that, all you have to do is get an insole for your sport shoes. These insoles help you improve your posture during your game and release discomfort in the long term.

A handy first-aid kit

With great matches come even greater bruises. Every athlete knows it can get rough on the field and for that we suggest having a handy first-aid kit ready in your bag. A handy first-aid kit may not be an elaborative first-aid kit but it can have all the necessary and vital things such as a disinfectant, bandaids, nursing tape, painkillers etc.


Although this is commonly understood and needs no mention, but we often tend to forget our water bottles during our practice sessions. Intense sports activities and cardio training sessions can leave our bodies highly dehydrated and we need to keep our water intake in-check. Hence having a water-bottle in your bag is like a rule of the thumb.

Post-training snack

Although this can wait till you’re back home, but in case you tend to have plans after your training session it is always advisable to have something to chew-off after your intense training session to help your body recover. Be it a recovery-drink, your favourite protein bar or even a peanut butter sandwich on-the go.

We understand that there are several other essential things that an athlete must need during his/her training session but above were the top 5 things we feel every athlete must have in their bags! Let us know what you think.



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